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Ananda Marga in Sorocaba

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Ananda Vasundhara Master Unit (a spiritual ecovillage) is a project of Ananda Marga, a socioespiritual organization established in India in 1950 by Prabhat Sarkar Rainjan, which has as motto “self-realization and service to humanity.” A Master Unit is defined by PROUT (Progressive Utilization Theory) as a rural development project with one of the goals being self-sustainability for the project and the community around it through Neohumanist education, holistic healthcare, organic agriculture, sustainable constructions etc. Our activities are varied, such as permaculture and bioconstruction; agroforestry and organic gardens; sugar and molasses production; yoga and meditation retreats; naturopathy and yoga therapy.

The Ananda Vasundhara team is a growing group of people inspired by a common vision of creating a new model for a sustainable society that promotes integral human development.

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